Welcome to Cat's Eye KC Cattery. Please join our waiting list for future litters.

We are a “closed cattery” which means we don’t allow cats from any other cattery to breed with our cats. This prevents our cats from getting sick and the danger of introducing impure breeding lines.

Although many cats may look pure, such is not always the case. TICA registration ensures bloodlines are pure. We are strong believers that when you pay for a Maine Coon you get a real Maine Coon not a mix of other breeds.

Unlike a lot of breeder sites, we are more interested in simplicity and making the kitten adopting process easy and less restrictive. Remember when back in the day you would go to someone’s home, pick out a kitten, and walk away happy. We don’t use syrupy metaphors, pages full of links, or ever restrict you from visiting the kittens. We assume you have done your homework and aren’t going to spend the money on a cat to abuse or mistreat. No lengthy application, “interviews”, or time-consuming rituals. We do have some rules that are basic and sensible as we really care that our kittens will be treated well. All of our kittens are fully vet checked and we won’t release one if there is any doubt on their health.

We started our cattery in the Greater Kansas City area. We have since retired and now live in Panama City, FL. Several major airlines fly into Panama City. Panama City is a great place for a weekend getaway or an extended vacation while picking up your kitten. For those who need to fly in and out, we would be happy to meet you at the airport.

Prices vary depending on the kitten and are competitive within the market, but not overpriced. Each kitten goes home with a Gift Bag and full instructions on initial care. We provide full support, recommendations and food requirements.



Rey says hi - Jynx's kitten



Enzo (in the cubby) says hi

Mystery - 6 months

Spooky and Mystery - 4 months

Phantom and Magic



Grace says hi


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